The Graduate Degree in Linguistics and Literature was established in 1976 in the Master’s Program under the permission of the Federal University of Bahia's Chamber of Graduate and Research Teaching (Opinion No. 17/76). The program focuses on Portuguese Language, Linguistics and Literary Theory.
In 1983, the Federal Council of Education (Opinion No. 416/83) accredited UFBA’s Masters Program in Linguistics and Literature, which allowed its full operation and recognition throughout national territory. In July, 1988, the Program presented a Report to the Federal Council of Education aiming at its recertification, obtained in March 1990 (Opinion No. 307/90).
After some evaluations by CAPES, the Master’s Program underwent a restructuring between 1992 and 1994. At the end of that period, a program reformulation plan was presented to CAPES, starting its process of integration into the Graduate Program in Linguistics and Literature (PPGLL).
In 1996, that process resulted in the division of the program into three areas of concentration (Historical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Literature and Cultural Theory and Criticism), with annual selection, as well as the compacting of the course curriculum and the broader range of subjects. In that same year, the Master was reformulated and the Doctorate implemented. This movement characterized a flexible structure in order to overcome the disciplinary territorialization. So that, the priority became a transdisciplinary perspective, which allowed PPGLL to interact successfully with other UFBA Graduate programs in the area of Human Sciences and with other HEIs in the state of Bahia and other states.
It aimed a better integration between teaching and research, between mentor and supervisor, between Graduate and Undergraduate programs, reviewing traditional and institutionalized disciplinarity and proposing new areas closely related to more settled and productive research activities, carried out by the permanent faculty of the Program.
The Graduate Program in Linguistics and Literature (PPGLL) encompassed the former Specialization Courses in Vernacular Language, Literature and Translation, as well as a Specialization Course in Linguistic and Literary Studies. In addition, there was a Foreign Language Qualification and Portuguese Language Proficiency, which attended the graduate programs at the Federal University of Bahia, through foreign language (LE) and Portuguese (L2) disciplines and exams.
In 2009, after turning 33 years, the Graduate Program in Linguistics and Literature started an important process of reformulation, keeping the actions to consolidate the areas and lines of research. The program kept its perspective on the necessary opening to new paradigms within the Language studies, as well as the growing demands for qualified human resources in its regional context. Therefore, due to the Program achievements, the CAPES triennial Evaluation Committee suggested the division of PPGLL into two distinct programs, based on previous studies that led to the breakdown proposal, scheduled for implementation in 2010.
That way, the PPGLL restructuring was approved in January 2009 by the UFBA Graduate Research Chamber and CONSEPE, with the creation of two new programs: LANGUAGE AND CULTURE and LITERATURE AND CULTURE, in which, among other things, aimed to preserve the qualities pointed out in the former PPGLL and a broader scope regarding studies in emerging areas.