Research Lines

Historical Linguistics, Philology and History of Written Culture 

This line includes research with the following purposes: description and analysis of processes of change that affect the natural languages; description and analysis of past synchronies of the natural languages; study of  modes of production, transmission, circulation, reception and preservation of texts, especially verbal, but also nonverbal; organization of distinct types of specialized editions; analysis of the historical development of the social practices of reading and writing, and the diversity of functions and distribution of reading and writing in societies in an interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological perspective. 
Alícia Duhá Lose
Research interests: Textual Philology; editing and analysis of handwritten texts; studies of documentary materiality; paleographic, diplomatic and codicological studies; studies of bibliographic and documental collections.
Américo Venâncio Lopes Machado Filho
Research interests: History of the Portuguese language; lexicon; historical-variational lexicography; Old Portuguese; editing of medieval texts.
Antônia Vieira dos Santos
Research interests: Morphology and Lexicon in Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives. Onomastics.
Aurelina Ariadne Domingues Almeida
Research interests: History of the human conceptual system, categorization, conceptualization, metaphors and metonymies from the perspective of socio-historical cognitive semantics.
Arivaldo Sacramento
Research interests: Textual philology (theory and edition methodes); Paleography: studies of written cultures; History of words; Metalexicography; Language change in Romance
Carlos Felipe Pinto
Research interests: Sociohistorical studies, especially on Romance in Europe and America; Grammatical descriptive studies about old Romance and Germanic; Empirical and theoric studies on linguistic change.
Célia Marques Telles
Research interests: Latin and Romance languages history; Romance lexicography studies; semidiplomatic edition of brazilian manuscripts, since the colonial period; edition of Romance texts, focusing several linguistic levels; documental heaps studies.
Edivalda Araújo
Research interests: Study of the syntactic/morphosyntactic fenomena under the diachronic and/or synchronic perspective; analysis of the relation between the sociohistorical facts and the syntactic/morphosyntactic fenomena around the construction process of the Portuguese language grammar; the Portuguese language periods; comparative analysis of the Portuguese language varieties and other Romance languages.
Eliana Correia Brandão Gonçalves
Research interests: Lexicon and Philology Studies; Onomastics and historical documents; Palaeography, history and sociocultural practices of writing; Decolonial philological readings on violence and resistance of social and ethnic minorities in contexts of enslavement; Discursive tradition and social history of language; Editing and lexico-semantic study of texts in Romance languages. 
Emília Helena Portella Monteiro de Souza
Research interests: Portuguese language and schooling in Bahia in the 18th and 19th centuries: sociohistorical and linguistic issues. Studies of linguistic variation and change through the Portuguese language history.
Juliana Soledade Coelho
Research interests:  Study of the common and onomastic lexicon in a historical perspective with emphasis in morphological processes of construction, especially in suffix derivation
Norma Suely da Silva Pereira
Research interests: Study about social relations, language and cultural practices, especially those related to women, health and black people through philological analyzes in texts dated between the 16th and 19th centuries.
Risonete Batista de Souza
Research interests: Linguistic changes in Romania, Lexicology and Textual Philology
Tânia Conceição Freire Lobo
Research interests: Social History of Brazilian Portuguese, highlighting two topics: the issue of contact between languages in the colonial and post-colonial period and the issue of the social diffusion of reading and writing in Brazil.